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The Picture My Dreams Project

Imagine a place where young people can go to express their thoughts and feelings; a place that is free of judgment; a place that challenges bullying and empowers the bullied. 'Picture My Dreams' is that place; a new forum that allows young people to use photography to express themselves and raise awareness of bullying, while constantly developing the self-esteem and aspirations of all those who contribute.

Our Objective

We believe that support should be given to both parties. Being bullied is a horrible experience that no person should have to endure. Equally, more needs to be done to understand the reasons for bullying, rather than just focusing on the effects of it. Did you know that:

  • 69% of children in the UK report being bullied
  • 87% of parents report that their child had been bullied in the past 12 months
  • 20% report bullying others
  • 85% had witnessed bullying
(UK's 2006 National Bullying Survey)

Support Us

Now, more than ever, bullying is a huge issue in our communities. Many people have their own views on how to deal with the issue, but many of them focus on protecting the 'bullied', and punishing the 'bully'. Please support us to raise awareness of such an important issue that many young people are facing!

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