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Bullying can take many different forms, and unfortunately for many of us, we can never really predict when, and if, we will ever come into contact with this rather unsavory part of life. In fact, it’s a sad indictment in general that I even have to concede that this can be a part of life.

My perspective focuses on an area where bullying seems to have found its breeding ground and infamy; school.

Secondary school was meant to be my introduction to life, to induce me into the world of adulthood in a combination of academia and extra curricular activities. Well, at least that’s what I thought it would be for me anyway…

I’ll paint a brief picture…

My parents never really let me go out and “play” with my friends that I made at primary school. This meant that I led a very sheltered and lonely life indoors. My brother strangely enough, was permitted to go and spend some time with his friends, but by the time I was even allowed the same liberties as him, it became an alien thing to me. I preferred staying in and becoming an adolescent recluse.

I struggled socially when I made the transition into secondary. I didn’t develop people skills, which have now made me inherently shy whenever I meet new groups of people. I struggle to even look up sometimes as I feel like everyone is watching me or judging me somehow. I know this sounds silly, but I genuinely don’t know how to engage with people initially. If someone engages with me, I will be the friendliest and most welcoming person in the world, but I can never make that first move.

Now that I am in my adulthood as it were, my efforts through University, despite being rather pitiful have given me some semblance of social skills. I can engage a lot better initially with people, and I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Anyway, I digress! I guess by me feeling so vulnerable it was almost inevitable a bully would see me as an easy target. I was chubby, and didn’t seem to fit in easily. My bully hung around with her group of friends (yup, my bully was a girl that was taller than me!). She would make jokes and tease me about my size and just about anything she sought fit to make fun of. It made my life so unbearable. I didn’t really enjoy school. I wanted to be as far as possible from school. I wanted to stay home and be on my own.

With my limited social skills I found it nigh on impossible to find a way to deal with the hurt let alone respond. I’ll be honest, the bullying stopped when she got expelled! Hallelujah! In that little way, it felt like her comeuppance had come early. The bullying itself didn’t really last that long, so in essence I never really found a way to overcome it properly. Nonetheless, this short intro to my experience of bullying will be explored later in other themes I would like to explore


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