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Before I started contributing to the blog I asked a few people if they would like to share their experiences with me. I felt that writing up their past would be therapeutic for them (which all posters agreed with luckily!) I will share all the posts I was sent in the hope that it helps you and those around you. I hope they will make you think, make you share your views and make you want to stop bullying. If any readers would also like to contribute, then please email us and we can share your story too. All posters will remain anonymous if they wish to.

My Story

Ever since I started primary school I felt bullied and isolated. This wasn’t one person or a small group of people, it was a class mentality encouraged by a few nasty people. It would become ‘uncool’ to talk to me. I vividly remember when one pupil was talking to me about random things, and was asked in a whisper by another “Why are you talking to him?”

The pinnacle for me was the last year of school. I felt that secondary school would be a fresh new start for me – that is until one pupil told me she would make sure I was bullied at my new school. That hurt. For an instant I thought “Could she do that?” – luckily she didn’t succeed.

Bullying is awful and says a lot more about the bully than the victim. Bullying can make you feel isolated, and I felt isolated. It would get to me sometimes – I’d even end up in tears at home or school, feeling depressed at having to go back. I have to say though, not all the pupils were nasty. Over the years, as people learnt to think for themselves, some became much more pleasant. I guess I am one of those people that really don’t care about a ‘why’ as I believe there is no good reason to bully anyone. Believe it or not as I grew older I learnt to not care what others thought and recall the silent treatment going down a charm.

For me? It made me more independent and stronger, strengthened my own convictions and made me realise that it didn’t actually matter if a few people who happened to have been born in the same year as me liked me or not. I had family and friends outside of school who cared for me. It upsets me when I read stories about children who committed suicide because of bullying. Those are the unlucky ones. Lucky for me, it never got violent. It was words, words that hurt. So think about your actions – if you’re thinking of picking on someone else think about how it’d feel to be picked on – the worst thing to do to someone who’s just realising their place in this world is to make them feel they are not wanted. Hopefully one day, bullying will be just a memory.

Being bullied hurts people – if I had my way, it would be a punishable crime. If only they bullied me now- I would have had it stopped from day one. So to anyone who’s being bullied – things WILL change. Talk to a parent, teacher or any other adult. Trust me your problems will go away — Anon


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