OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Picture My Dreams!

Hi guys,

Welcome to the OFFICIAL launch of Picture My Dreams!

We are incredibly excited about this project and cannot wait to start a legacy that raises awareness of bullying, and what better way than to be inspired by the success of the Olympics where we witnessed the unity of a nation and some of the greatest athletes of our time!

But do you think that some of these great athletes were ever bullied in their lives?

Or maybe some were bullies themselves?

Whatever the case, they chased their dreams and fulfilled their aspirations, experiencing one of the greatest moments of their lives!

Picture My Dreams has its own aspirations. One of our core beliefs is to encourage you, our young people, to dream BIG and strive towards reaching their aspirations. In a time when identity can be so easily lost amongst the media’s portrayal of young people, we want YOU to celebrate your differences and recognise and be proud of who you are.

We will also be running a competition to mark our launch so watch out for that in our next blog post!

Look forward to hearing from you all and don’t forget to stay connected with us via:


Twitter: @picturemydreams

LinkedIn: Picture My Dreams


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