Something needs to be done about bullying…

Bullying is a serious issue and I still feel that it is not getting enough attention as it should be. When we think bullying, a majority of people just think ‘a kid being rude to another kid, but then they eventually become friends’ this maybe the case in some situation however, as a whole we do not seem to think about the psychological damage of bullying and  it can affect many people particularly as they grow older. Bullying affects how people view the world, especially if the person has no one to talk too. Not enough is being done to help young children, teenagers and adults to speak out against this issue. This also involves cyber bullying which unfortunately has taken the lives of many girls across England simply because of the fact that, they were being bullied  on the web and had no one to turn to seek help. Despite my worries for the future generation, I feel that a lot can be done to help people who are suffering from this.  I think what would help tackle the issues of bullying is if we had call in centres, therapeutic  sessions, Assemblies as well as, one to one sessions with ALL students in schools in England and Ireland  to inform and raise awareness of bullying and the affect it has on people. This may not make a dramatic difference, but at least it is something which can make someone think twice before saying something mean and hurtful to somebody.

By Mariam (@mariamspeaks)

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