To define bullying…by ‘Fightcaine’

To first understand bullying, you’d have to define it. Is bullying mental? Verbal? Physical? It can come in all of the aforementioned forms, and range from minor to major. Sometimes someone may be being bullied, and the bullies don’t even realise that they are hurting that person. This lack of empathy tends to be the root cause.

It is normally something within the bully that stems from insecurity or problems within themselves and/or at home. It doesn’t just happen in schools, but in the workplace, on the street, anywhere that people are able to interact.

People with insecurities tend to reflect them on other more passive or powerless people, in order to boost their own sense of power or ego, and only do this when they know there will be no consequences. It may be because somebody is different from what most may consider the ‘norm’, or they may be less ‘better off’ than others financially. The reasons are countless, but they all come down to one thing, bullies must be be confronted and punished, but at the same time, especially in a school setting, somebody should talk to them about their own issues, as they may be reflecting other problems onto others.
Be aware, and stop injustice wherever you may see it.
Written by: Fightcaine
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