What We Do

Picture My Dreams’ facilitates a series of workshops that are run over a 6 week period starting when the young people sign up.

What We Do

What? Why? And How?

Recent spending cuts from the government mean the Children’s Services Teams have been significantly downsized. Funding has also been withdrawn from countless other organisations that are currently providing invaluable services to young people. This means the workload placed on teachers is set to increase dramatically, both in terms of quantity and diversity.

Why is that important?

The current level of pastoral care in schools is not sustainable due to a shift towards academic achievement. This forces schools to focus less on the emotional needs and general wellbeing of their students.

So, if the schools are unable to offer a sustained level of pastoral care, it is up to external sources to ensure young people are getting the emotional and psychological support needed to help achieve their full potential.

We love to celebrate individuality and differences, so encourage the young people to be as open, honest and expressive as they want when taking their photos. ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a right, and by making this clear at the beginning, young people are aware they can convey their own message in a way that no other forum would be able to capture.

Picture My Dreams achieves this through a 6 week programme is as follows:

  • Week 1: Gaining trust and building a team; Who are we and why are we here?
  • Week 2: Developing basic camera skills and awareness of others
  • Week 3: Building our sense of identity
  • Week 4: What does bullying mean to you?
  • Week 5: Selecting and creating images
  • Week 6: Motivational speaker and presentation writing

We are also able to offer bespoke workshops that are inclusive to the needs of the young people you work with or the ethos of your school/ organisation.