Who We Are

Picture My Dreams’ highlights and continually reinforces the need for all people to have dreams and aspirations.

Who We Are

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

What are you currently doing? What do you want to do?

Where are you? Where do you want to be?

The aim is not to dictate to young people what their future holds but to inspire and empower them to take the first steps in achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Now, more than ever, bullying is a huge issue in our communities. Many people have their own views on how to deal with the issue, but many of them focus on protecting the ‘bullied’, and punishing the ‘bully’. Imagine being able to get a true insight into the thoughts and mind sets of both sides. Using the medium of photography, our programme is guaranteed to capture their imagination and deliver results never before seen.


Meet the team

Alye Begum

Alye Begum (Founder/ Project Manager)

My passion lies in helping others and I aim to raise awareness of social issues which young people are faced with. I am an empathetic and nurturing individual who is eager to encourage young people to follow their dreams and aspirations.


Nazif KamalNazif Kamal (Assistant Manager/ Developer)

My background is in music and my passion lies in creative expression. I want to help others to channel their thoughts and feelings whilst discovering their talents. I believe photography can be a creative outlet for all.


Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain (Developer/ Trainer)

I am currently on a career break from the financial industry  but have always felt the desire to give something back to the community. My own teenage years were somewhat challenging and so my aim is to help provide solutions to barriers which young people are faced with today.